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Healthbay is a Delhi based company that specializes in herbal medicines and nutraceuticals. The company was founded and is administered under the able leadership of Shree Mahesh Chawla ji who has over 35 years of experience in Ayurveda medicine.

With the overwhelming experience of people on board Healthbay’s sharp and mature formulation of products gives desired results that the user seeks. This is also attributed to the quality standards of the raw ingredients that go into the making.

We beleive that good health is must for a multifaceted growth of an individual and for the community as a whole. 
In present times where stress,anxiety levels are relatively high,overall wellbeing becomes all the more important for a person to cope with it.

“We beleive that the adoption of naturopathy and holistic care is the way forward to model a strong foundation of our society.We look forward to spread the awareness about prioritisation of health among all age groups for a healthier and better tomorrow.”  aim is to deliver high quality products at affordable prices to serve individuals at different levels of society and bridge the gap created by some big conglomerates.”

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