Lungs Detox Capsules (100% Herbal)

Lungs Detox Capsules (100% Herbal)

Lungs Detox Capsules (100% Herbal)


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Now a days cities are dealing with a rising level of air pollution and habbits like smoking.Burning tobacco produces a number of chemicals including Nicotine,Carbon Monoxide and Tars,

Smoking or Air pollution causes significant changes in the lungs and airways like more mucus,shortness of breath,wheezing and chronic cough,Asthama.

Tar deposits in lungs and destroys lung tissues overtime and lungs are less able to take in fresh air and let out the stale air.Airways produce excess of mucus that blocks airflow.

Regular detotoxification and cleansing of lungs can help get rid of environmental toxins,tars due to tobacco smoking.It also helps to clear excessive mucus from the airways and improve the circulation of lungs and prevent bad breath.

Healthbay’s lung detox contains the right mixture of high quality herbs , some of which are mentioned below.

  • Amla is exceptionally useful for providing nourishment and strength to the lungs. Amla regulates Kaph in the body by maintaining the moisture levels in the lungs. This citrus berry is very high in Vitamin-C content and rich in Anti-Oxidants that strengthen your immunity and reduce the effects of pollution/pollutants over your lungs. According to a study Amla also helps in fighting the harmful effects of cigarette smoking by reducing the free radicals in the body caused by cigarette smoke. Thus, amla has to be an essential part of diet for sound respiration and immune lungs.
  • Mulethi is known to possess immuno-modularity properties that helps to fight viral infections, irritated throat and strengthens the respiratory system. Mulethi is known to thin and drain out excessive mucus from lungs, trachea and bronchi tracts. It is also beneficial in treatment of bronchitis and asthma. Mulethi is also beneficial for lungs cleansing from tar collected due to cigarette smoke as it is known to have expectorant properties which makes the person cough and makes the thinned mucus come out of the body and detoxes the lungs to a large extent.
  • Trikatu is a combination of ginger, pepper and long pepper that helps to dilate the airways in the respiratory system and helps to keep a full breath for people prone to congested and polluted environments. It is one of the best remedies to cleanse lungs. It regulates the Kapha humor within the body and helps to keep the lung tissues healthy. Trikatu should form an important part of a smoker’s diet as it helps to clear out deposited tar alongwith phlegm from respiratory tracts.
  • Tulsi is generally used in Indian households for fighting off common cold, cough, flu and other atmospheric allergies. It has anti-allergic, antiviral properties and protects lungs from harmful bacteria and viruses. Tulsi helps to stimulate healthy breathing and strengthens lungs capacity. Tulsi also acts as a natural lung cleansers for smokers by pulling out collected Tar alongwith mucus via mouth. Tulsi based herbal cigarettes are also known to be a great help in getting rid of smoking addiction and have positive effects on the respiration system.
  • Vasakawhich is also known as a Malabar Nut is another ingredient which has widespread use in lungs detoxification and strengthening. This is an evergreen shrub that is found in India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and China. The bioactive compounds present in Vasaka regularize Kapha humor of body. Vasaka is known to possess anti-inflammable, anti-biotic and expectorant properties and is extremely useful in reducing chest and nasal congestion. Vasaka soothes bronchial inflammation and opens airways to promote healthy breathing. Vasaka breaks down the formation of mucus and is a boon for smokers to clear off harmful tar from lungs.
  • GiloyApart from other million benefits that Giloy has, it is also known to be a great reliever for chronic cough, asthma, bronchitis and mucus defroster owing to its anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-septic properties. Giloy is very helpful in treating lung infections due to its anti-microbial properties that helps to keep disease causing bacteria and viruses at bay. Giloy also forms a important constituent in ayurvedic cigarettes that helps to suppress smoking urge and displaces tar and carbon from the lungs.
  • Turmeric  as we know is commonly use in Indian households for food preparation. It is known to be anti-septic in nature due to the presence of curcumin compound in it. Curcumin helps in optimal functioning of lungs by neutralizing free radicals in the body that may be responsible for lungs inflammation. Turmeric is also known to have expectorant properties that breaks down accumulated mucus in the airways leading to healthy breath and improved respiration. Turmeric is a boon for smokers as it reduces harmful effects caused by nicotine and reduces the potential risk of cancer. It also allows to clean lungs from tar and carbon.
  • Garlic– A new research has found a compound called allicin present in garlic that protects lungs from life threatening infections. Allicin helps to treat the throat infections and aids in reducing severity of upper throat infections. Thus, eating raw garlic proves to be a boon to persons exposed to high pollution, congested environments as it is one of the best natural expectorants used for lung cleansing, lungs detox and fighting lung infections. Smokers who can’t get rid of the habit must eat garlic, it is rich in Sulphur and helps to clear the lungs of accumulated tar. It also reduces susceptible risk of lung cancer to the smokers as it serves as a chemopreventive agent.



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