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Curbing Sugar Cravings-Challenges for Diabetics

It is a human thing that we struggle to control or hold back for any chance of a dopamine kick for our brain! Ask a diabetic and he in all probability would share his experiences of facing similar situations in his day to day life. Surely, a person goes through a lot of lifestyle changes to remain as healthy as possible post a diabetic “era”, but with little tweaks and smart diet and lifestyle adjustments one can achieve a fitter self and parallelly avoid making the situation a misery!

Clever Diet Replacements – Substituting processed sugar foods such as chocolates, candies etc. with fruits and vegetables is great way to suppress sugar cravings as this may not give instant spike of sugar levels rather provide a sustained flow of sugar in the blood stream along with other necessary nutrients and protein for diabetes control.

One may also make use of stevia, a natural compound which is extracted from plant and is currently used as substitute for sugar in food items. Stevia does not increase the blood sugar level and is calorie free. However, it somewhat has a bad aftertaste and long-term effects of using it are still unknown.

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Clever Diet

Delay and Distract – Practice waiting for 10-20 minutes before giving up into the sugar lust! This would definitely subside or reduce your want for sweet and in most cases, you would not end up consuming it. You can also engage/distract your brain into some physical activity. Try walking for 15-20 mins and after which one would not want to spoil his effort by consuming empty calories! This would also help control diabetes levels.

Consuming Small Portions – If you have to treat yourself occasionally it would be a good idea to keep the portion size Small. People often tend to indulge in emotional eating in response to feeling of hunger instead of actual hunger. This would obviously be detrimental to health especially for diabetics. Hence it is great way of diabetes control with diet.

Take Adequate Sleep and Reduce Stress – A research suggest that we tend crave for sugar more when we are tired. Adequate amount of quality sleep helps us to make good food choices.

Also, when in anxiety or stress we often tend to eat comforting food that tends to be high in sugar which further worsens the level of uneasiness and tension due to sudden spike and dip of sugar. Engaging in physical activities like yoga or meditation can be a great help to calm and relax your mind. A relaxed and aware mind would not let you make wrong choices for food!

Adequate Sleep

Body – Detox-A detox cycle once in every few months gives your appetite a reset and relieves your body of the habit of periodic sugar consumption. This would help you, take better control over your body and mind to adjust itself to the new normal!



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